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Neve 32404 Switching & Aux Bus Modules

Acoustilog Switching & Aux Bus Modules for Neve

These were designed to provide the 8038/8048 console with the superior Auxiliary Bus functions of the 8068 console. The 31906 modules on the 8038/8048 had only four aux buses, and only two could be used independently at a time. These custom Acoustilog modules can be retrofitted to an 8038/8048 to provide eight completely independent aux bus controls. They also duplicate the Stereo Bus Pan, Monitor Level and Solo and Cut functions of the 32404.

This is a great way to upgrade the functionality of your classic Neve.


8 Independent Aux Bus Controls
Monitor Level Control
Solo & Cut Buttons for Monitor and Main Signal Paths
Pan Pot
Stereo Bus Enable


$100.00 US


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