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Equipment & Parts For Sale

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Electronic Parts

$25.00 minimum order to ship Or pick up in Manhattan for no extra charge. See our Main Sale Page for complete terms.

Item numbers in blue text have pictures. Click on the number to view the picture in a new window.

# Description Price Each

100 mFd 25V Axial Lead Capacitors over 100 avail. 6.99

110-220V AC Transformer. Heavy, heavy duty unit. Step-up & isolation transformer. 14.99
120v to 100v Converter Transformer #1544 19.99
240V 4 pole contactor. Removed from service, works perfectly. $30
Beyer Microphone Input Transformers Model TR/BV 372 015 006. Brand new. 10 Available. $50 ea.
ITT Cannon CCT-DLT DL Terminal Crimping Tool, Crimper 10.00
CPU Cooling Fan. Brand new #1820 7.99
1903 Crosman CO2 Powerlets Cartridges 4 Pcs. 4.99
DB25 Right-Angle Mount Connectors, 47 Qty. Brand New in Box. 20.00

DC Voltmeter and Ammeter.  0-600V, 0-200 amps. $30

Electrical disconnect switch. GE General Duty Safety Switch. Fused. 30A, 240V. Three-Phase. Excellent condition. Removed from service. $25
Eraser Co.TP-3 PC Board Lead Clipper & Bender 10.00
200A Semiconductor Fuses: Ferraz Shawmut Amptrap. Model A50P200-4. Removed from service, in working order. $20
Fuses: 1.5 Amp 250V 600+ pcs. #1240 19.99
ICs: TC4013BP Harris MC4013BCP CD4013BE 4013N Vintage 14-PIN DIP CMOS. 24 pieces 10.00
ICs: Harris 4098. Dual Monostable Multivibrator DIP16 New 40 Pieces 10.00
LED Displays:
HP HLMP LED light bar displays, 360 Qty.
HLMP 2600
HLMP 2700
HLMP 2800
This is half the price of any you'll find on Ebay
1901 Mini-DIN Connectors: 8 Pin Black. 15 Males + 2 Females. Like Computer mouse connections. Entire lot. 14.99
Modutec VU Meter for Studer 29.99
PC Board Etching supplies:
5 pieces Ever-Muse PC Photosensitive PC Board Material
Exposing Box
Etching Tank
NAD NAD 7240PE Power Envelope Receiver (for Parts or Repair) 75.00
Carlo Gavazzi Overvoltage and Delay Modules with sockets.
Removed from a rectifier unit. Working.
PUB01 Voltage Level Relay
PBB01 True Delay on Release Timer.

Power Supplies - 18V DC. "Wall Warts" - many available 2/$10
Power Supply : Plug-In 48V DC 100 mA Power Supply. Brand new in box. These can be used for phantom powering condenser microphones, and if you request it we can email you a schematic for this. 1 supply will power many microphones with the capability of these units. 19.95
Power Supply: Condor Model D250-0.5 250V Regulated DC Power Supply. New in box. 250
Relays: Omron 28 Volt Relays 4PDT - Model MY4-UA-006008 10pcs/$20
Relay Sockets: MR14. 28 pcs.  10/lot
Joslyn Surge-Tec Surge Arrestor. #Z3-175. Removed from service. In working condition.

Switch Banks: Interlocking sets of 4 Push Buttons - Lot of approximately 100 pcs. 15.00
Telephone Modular Connectors, PC Mount $25
Texas Instruments CD4098BE ICs 24 Qty. Mutivibrator $25
Transformers: Stancor LB-1234 115-230V. Heavy Duty adjustable isolation transformers. 10.00
1912 UTC "ouncer" transformer O-12 50/200:50/200/500 30-20KC 1 avail. 49.99

Vintage Wedge Shaped Panel Meter #1361 19.99
Weller EC-1002 Soldering Station (picture is representative, not of the one we have for sale) $20

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