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# Description Price Each
Battery Holder for Bruel and Kjaer 4224 Sound Source 15.00
Bruel & Kjaer Empty Project Box with Rotary Switch and Multipin Connector 25.00
Bruel & Kjaer Power Supply ZG 0249 14V 2A 50.00
Bruel and Kjaer Type 2801 Dual Microphone Supply 99.99
. Bruel and Kjaer Type 2505 Multipurpose Monitor 199.99

B&K 4230 Microphone Calibrator


The Bruel and Kjaer 4230 is a battery-operated precision microphone calibrator used for the calibration of sound level meters and other sound measurement equipment. The 4230 delivers a full 94.0 dB level output signal @ 1000 Hz.

The Bruel and Kjaer 4230 features a stable sound pressure independent of the battery condition. In addition, the 4230 will turn off automatically to preserve battery and guarantee a stable output.

This precision calibrator has been tested in our laboratory and is in beautiful condition providing an exact frequency of 1003 Hertz and 94.0 dB, as tested on a calibrated Bruel and Kjaer 2270 Spectrum Analyzer and a Hewlett Packard 5334A Universal Counter. The unit has no scratches or dents at all.

If you intend to have any confidence in a sound level measurement you must calibrate it to a known sound source. This unit fills the bill perfectly. When comparing to other listings, you will not find a better quality or tested and precisely accurate unit.

Note: This sale includes the calibrator and case, as shown in the top photo. The other two photos show the frequency and level tests we did to check the calibrator. You can click on the top photo to enlarge it.


§           Output level: 94 dB
§           Output frequency: 1000 Hz
§           Standard: 1” microphone
§           Internal battery (included)
§           Output level independent of battery condition
§           Adapter: 1/2” microphones (included)

Bruel & Kjaer B&K 4370 Accelerometer, in wooden case $150

Bruel & Kjaer B&K 4435 Analyzer $75
Weights 1

 2  3  
Calibration Weights Set of 9 + small "shims". For precision calibration of scales 25.00

Calibration Weights Set of 6. For precision calibration of scales 15.00
Endevco 2272 Accelerometer Box.
Accelerometer shown is not included. 

Photos: 1 2 3 4
LaFayette Photocell Sensor 30.00
TIF Volumair Balancer. Brand new in box. 20.00

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