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Recording & Audio Gear and Parts

$25.00 minimum order to ship Or pick up in Manhattan for no extra charge. See our Main Sale Page for complete terms.

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# Description Price Each
Alison Research Fadex Automated VCA Faders  15.00 ea

80 Point Bantam Patch bay with ring and tip normals. Missing front panel.  25.00

Speco Speaker Horn – Metal 19.99

Lot of Cassette Deck Repair Parts: Rollers, Levers, Screws, Much More 15.00
Emagic MT4 MIDI USB Interface 8.00
Flight Case Latches (2). Note: each of these is one half of a mating pair. You'll need the other half to make these work. 9.99

GML: Replacement Wiper for GML Massenburg Automation Moving Faders. One available. 15.00
Gotham Fader 15.00
Gotham Fader assembly 15.00
Ivie Model 804 Automatic Microphone Mixer 449.99
Microphone Boom Tilter tightening lever - one complete, one missing one end. 10.00
Neve 48 Point TRS Patch Bays. Brass connectors with ring and tip normals. 24.95
Neve 96 Point TRS Patch Bays. Brass connectors with ring and tip normals. 44.95
Neve Console Power Supply Power Cables (two cables available: one has one 4-pin female connector, the other is daisy-chained to three 4-pin female connectors) 15.00
Neve Edge Connector Panel 9.99
Neve Edge Connectors for 80 Series EQs. 7 available.  $20 ea.

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Digital Audio Tape Recorder. Good condition with scratches as shown. Tested (as shown in photo - see meters)  playing a digital audio tape, sounds good. $150
Panduit Wiring Duct Cable Troughs with slotted walls. Model G2X4LG6, 6 available 26.00 ea.
(1/2 the
price you'll
find online)

Shure M268 Microphone Mixer Rack Mounted, Phantom Power $50
Shure RPM-640 Surface Mount Podium Flanges (3) and A-400SM Podium Shock Mounts(3) (New).  20.00
Speaker Stands. (Pair) All metal, heavy gauge tubing, not like Ultimate. With shelves, as shown, which can be removed. 74.99
Steinway B Piano Part: "Strut" for pedal harp. 14.99
Studer A820 Control Board : Part #1.228.821.13 19.99
Technics Tape Deck 1502 Tape Hold Down $15
Tape Head Demagnetizer. The photo is representative, but thte tips on ours are chrome, not black. 10.00
Urei Driver Cap
Urei 5 replacement bulbs for the famous Urei 813 studio monitors. 15.00

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