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Equipment & Parts For Sale

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Recording & Audio Gear and Parts

$25.00 minimum order to ship Or pick up in Manhattan for no extra charge. See our Main Sale Page for complete terms.

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# Description Price Each
Alison Research Fadex Automated VCA Faders  15.00 ea
80 Point Bantam Patch bay with ring and tip normals. Missing front panel.  25.00

Speco Speaker Horn – Metal 19.99

Lot of Cassette Deck Repair Parts: Rollers, Levers, Screws, Much More 15.00
Emagic MT4 MIDI USB Interface 8.00
Flight Case Latches (2). Note: each of these is one half of a mating pair. You'll need the other half to make these work. 9.99

GML: Replacement Wiper for GML Massenburg Automation Moving Faders. One available. 15.00
Gotham Fader 15.00
Gotham Fader assembly 15.00
Ivie Model 804 Automatic Microphone Mixer 449.99
Microphone Boom Tilter tightening lever - one complete, one missing one end. 10.00
Neve 96 Point TRS Patch Bays. Brass connectors with ring and tip normals. These are the 4-row bays at the top of the photo. The two-row bays are already sold. 44.95
Neve Console Power Supply Power Cables (two cables available: one has one 4-pin female connector, the other is daisy-chained to three 4-pin female connectors) 15.00
Neve Edge Connector Panel 9.99

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Digital Audio Tape Recorder. Good condition with scratches as shown. Tested (as shown in photo - see meters)  playing a digital audio tape, sounds good. $150
Panduit Wiring Duct Cable Troughs with slotted walls. Model G2X4LG6, 6 available 26.00 ea.
(1/2 the
price you'll
find online)

Shure M268 Microphone Mixer Rack Mounted, Phantom Power $50
Shure RPM-640 Surface Mount Podium Flanges (3) and A-400SM Podium Shock Mounts(3) (New).  20.00
Speaker Stands. (Pair) All metal, heavy gauge tubing, not like Ultimate. With shelves, as shown, which can be removed. 74.99
Steinway B Piano Part: "Strut" for pedal harp. 14.99
Studer A820 Control Board : Part #1.228.821.13 19.99
Technics Tape Deck 1502 Tape Hold Down $15
Tape Head Demagnetizer. The photo is representative, but thte tips on ours are chrome, not black. 10.00
Urei Driver Cap

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