Custom Electronic Design

We do custom electronic design for acoustic testing purposes as well as other applications.

Acoustic Test Gear

Studio & Sound System Devices

RLA Crossovers

Under contract to Richard Long and Associates, Alan Fierstein designed the famous RLA series of crossovers, such as the X-2000, X-3000, X-4000 and X-5000 that were used in the sound systems at New York's Paradise Garage, Studio 54 and may other clubs. These units are still much sought after. As the sole designer of these units, Al retains the complete schematics and still evaluates, repairs, modifies frequencies and gain, and customizes these old units. We don't manufacture them at the present time. We do not work on the copies made by Rane and others.

For more information about our services for Night Clubs & Discos, please visit our Club Acoustics and Bar, Restaurant and Club Noise pages.

Custom Sound System Applications

Custom Crossover & Limiter
Custom 2 way crossover and limiter in locked steel case. This prevents overzealous DJs from bothering the neighbors.

Isolator box
Isolator box
  • Sound System Limiters:
    • Permanently wired into amplifiers
    • In locked boxes
    • Can include timer
  • Electronic Monitoring: In some cases a noisy business (a club, for example) may enter into an agreement with their landlords, other tenants or neighbors to keep the sound below a certain level. We have designed and installed systems that can monitor compliance with such agreements automatically, or facilitate measurements by our technician without entering the establishment. They can even notify you by telephone of violations, automatically under computer control.
  • Other We maintain a well-equipped shop in which we have built many devices for special applications. We even designed and built the isolator box shown at left. It houses a number of electrical air conditioner relays which make very loud clicking sounds when they switch. This noise was random, loud and very irritating to the apartment owner- one of the most well-known fashion designers in the world. The box (shown before the final side was screwed on) has solved the problem nicely. Good thing, because the relays had to be located in a closet behind the headboard of the master bedroom of a multi-million dollar Tribeca loft.

Other Applications

Birdcall System
Custom microprocessor-controlled bird call display for Audubon Society in the Prospect Park Boathouse. (Brooklyn, NY) System automatically keeps track of seasons and plays different bird calls based on migration patterns.

We have designed a large number of other devices. These include an audio coupler for a telecommunications company, a sound playback synchronizer for an art installation, a sound-privacy scrambled masking system for a high-security research facility, a custom telephone system for a hearing-impaired client, a multi-channel vibration measurement system for nuclear submarines, an audio and LED indicator system for a science museum and many more.

Testimonial Letter:
Regarding the bird call display mentioned above.

Testimonial Letter

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