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Any business deemed to have a significant effect on the neighborhood may face opposition, making the necessary approvals difficult to obtain. This is especially true of businesses that have the potential to cause a noise disturbance. Businesses that feature live or recorded music, such as Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels, fall into that category. Any business that attracts large crowds of people, especially if some of them will be outdoors, does as well.

Developers of such projects need to show that they have considered these issues carefully and have a plan to mitigate potential noise problems. You'll need the right data and the right design, but also someone with a knack for presenting complex ideas in plain language. This first requires objective testing and measurements; blanket assurances without reliable data won't do. Neither will promises to use the latest Web-Advertised Miracle Soundproofing foam/board/glue/panel.

Acoustilog will do the proper analysis and design to help get your project approved and prevent complaints later. Moreover, you'll have the information you need to get the construction right the first time. Nothing costs more than building the same place twice.

SLA Video Testimony:
See Al Fierstein in action: Testimony and sound level demonstration at the State Liquor Authority

We have also been hired by parties (co-op boards, real estate management) who seek protection from a potentially noisy neighbor such as a gym or a nightclub. One recent BSA case, involving a gym, illustrates how measurements can be used, and misused.

Our consultant, Alan Fierstein, has extensive experience testifying before Local Community Boards, the State Liquor Authority and the Board of Standards and Appeals, among other bodies. He was even invited by the City Council to testify during the hearings to draft the new Noise Code. Using thatexperience, he can write effective presentations and help your attorneys prepare for hearings. In particularly contentious cases, there may be an BSA Video Testimony:
Alan Fierstein's rebuttal of an opposing consultant's claim that gym noise was "below the threshold of audibility"
opposing expert involved. You'll need the right data and the right design, but also someone with a knack for presenting complex ideas in plain language. People are much more likely to believe what they can understand. You might want to read three recent letters of thanks from restaurant/nightclub clients who used Acoustilog to help them through their approvals.

On May 12 2009, Alan Fierstein testified at Community Board 4 on two separate hotel applications, supporting one and opposing another (who was represented by another consultant). Both of our clients won.

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