SLA Testimony [VIDEO]

Alan Fierstein of Acoustilog testified before the N.Y. State Liquor Authority on behalf of a proposed restaurant

Mr. Fierstein began with a concise live demonstration of four sound levels:

That maximum level was to be enforced with an electronic level limiter. Mr. Fierstein demonstrated that the limiting device was electronically "locked" and cannot be reprogrammed by the DJ or restaurant staff to make the music louder.

In the second video, the head of the Community Board, who spoke in opposition to the proposed restaurant, nonetheless voiced his respect for Mr. Fierstein's acoustic knowledge and reputation. The Chairman of the SLA agreed, adding that Mr. Fierstein has appeared before the SLA many times and is "very credible".

In the third video, two Community Board Representatives ask that an independent consultant be designated to monitor the levels in the restaurant. The Chairman responds that "the guy they (the restaurant) have (Alan Fierstein) is the guy we'd get. He's as credible as they come in my view, at least in New York" and that "..his reputation is the way he makes his money".