Industrial Noise

Cooling Tower Noise Barrier
Sound barrier to reduce cooling tower noise to nearby residential buildings.

AC unit shut down by DEP for Noise Violation
Government authorities can shut down noisy HVAC equipment, jeopardizing your business. We got this store's air conditioner soundproofed and turned back on, after it was sealed by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Computer Room Noise
This computer equipment room was too noisy for the employees. Innovative solutions for reducing the noise were supplied.
Industrial equipment and processes can produce a great deal of noise, which can cause problems both inside and outside your plant. It can affect the health and safety of the workers employed at a facility and may result in fines if OSHA standards are exceeded. Excessive noise can reduce the efficiency of production workers and any management and clerical personnel in poorly isolated offices at the site.

If there is insufficient sound isolation to prevent the noise from leaking into the surrounding neighborhood, a whole new set of problems can result. Industrial equipment, large fans and air conditioning systems and busy loading docks can produce potentially illegal levels of noise. A facility with residential neighbors nearby may have greater problems as a result of more stringent legal standards.

We can make measurements to determine if any of the noise sources at your facility are exceeding the applicable codes. We can then specify practical measures to correct any problems we find. We are also available for expert witness testimony should your company require it.

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