Acoustics for Professional Offices

Noisy Steam Pipe
Most web sites dealing with acoustics have pictures emphasizing architectural beauty. But it is what is behind the walls, or under the floors or even in another part of the building that makes for a quiet comfortable space. At CNN's new studio across from Radio City Music Hall preventive treatment to a noisy steam pipe will make the office below much more pleasant. A special treatment was designed for this huge steam pipe.

Noisy Printer
Noisy offices can cause employee complaints. If your office is required to be tested by OSHA, we can document any problems and provide the correct solutions that will save you money.
Professionals such as Psychotherapists, Lawyers and Accountants often have special needs with regard to sound transmission. In addition to the common desire for a quiet, undisturbed office or work environment, they need to ensure the confidentiality of their discussions. A client who can hear conversations from the reception area or the next office may wonder if his own conversations are being overheard as well. We can survey the construction of your offices and recommend measures to protect your privacy and that of your clients.
Office Noise Testing
Office Noise Testing