Whose "Side" are we On?

People ask us what kind of clients we work for; people (or businesses) who make noise, or people who suffer from excessive noise.

We work for both, and it's our reputation for accuracy and fairness that can help both kinds of clients. In litigation, the credibility of your expert witnesses is crucial. An "expert" who is clearly a "hired-gun", who may not have even done any tests of his own, may actually harm your case.

Our testimony will be backed up by comprehensive test data and careful inspection of the premises. This makes for much more persuasive testimony than just taking potshots at the opposing witness.

Has your business received a noise complaint?

If the noise is within code limits, our reliable measurements and clear presentation will help you demonstrate it. But if your business does indeed make excessive noise, we will prepare comprehensive recommendations to remedy the problem. Such recommendations can go a long way toward convincing a judge to waive a penalty.

See: Violations

Do you hear disturbing noises?

We find that the vast majority of the noise complaints we work on have some basis in fact and many are actual violations. We will do our best to capture and measure the disturbing sound at the best time and place to demonstrate the nature of the problem.

We have had particular success with our Long-Term Calibrated Recording System, which allows us to capture sounds over the course of a week (or more). Still, some noises you can hear will not be violations. In such cases we can sometimes make recommendations you can implement on your own to help mitigate the problem.

See: Residential Noise Problems