Say What? It's Loud Outside

City That Never Sleeps Also Never Shuts Up

Daily News

Alan Fierstein was recently asked to measure the sound levels of the drumming by "Occupy" protesters in Zuccotti Park (N.Y. City).

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New York Daily News, October 22nd, 2002. Author: William Sherman

In addition to consulting us for information on noise and noise abatement, the author rented a sound level meter from us and we instructed him in its use.

Quote from Alan Fierstein:
Soundproofing may help for those indoors, said Alan Fierstein, president of Acoustilog, a soundproofing design firm. "But it isn't simple," he said. "What's good for one office or home might not work for another. It's not necessarily expensive, but it's not easy. Not in New York City."