Sound & Video Contractor, Apr 1, 1998

Night life

By: Joe Kamenstein

An Excerpt:

The new club's acoustical design was formulated by Al Fierstein of Acoustilog in New York. While discussing the system's design, Georgiades noted an interesting circumstance that came up during the course of the installation.

"To counteract the diffusion of the low-frequencies, such as the kick drum, Al hung the entire sheetrock ceiling from isolators," explained Georgiades. "What that does is make the ceiling a resonator, part of the sound of the club. We put some spray-type acoustical treatment on it, and that made it complete. The amazing thing about this is that the system worked so well with this resonator approach right from the start. We didn't have to make any compensation, which means we didn't have to make any compromises.

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